The stage of the industry life cycle

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Part A - Industry Based Factors

You are to choose one of the following industry sectors or associated sub-sectors:

• Fitness Centres
• Beauty Centres
• Daily Newspapers
• Supermarkets
• Bicycles
• Motorcycles
• Medical Clinics - General Practice

You are then to undertake a review and analysis of the industry with a strong emphasis on key industry evolution (stages of industry life cycle) perspective.

Your analysis should however include other key factors that you believe are impacting on the industry - both now and in the near-medium term. The above will require you to apply a range of frameworks and perspectives on industry level analysis.

There are several topics of the course textbook that will provide a good starting point and your levier may add further guidance.

Remember - you are to ANALYSE the industry - not just describe the industry.

As well as generic industry level analysis your report should outline:

• The stage of the industry life cycle that you believe your selected sector to be currently operating in
• The supporting reasons that support your decision and selection of its current "stage" of the industry life cycle.

Part B - A Selected Firm

You are then to select an individual firm/organisation operating in your selected industry. You are to outline/analyse its current strategy - against the background of the above industry level analysis.

Also you should be able explain and discuss how the firm's strategy has been shaped by the key dynamics of the industry - and especially its current stage of the industry life cycle.

Equally - you might outline some suggested approaches that the firm might adopt to both (a) maximize its success at the current stage and (b) position itself as it enters subsequent stages.

NB: To complete the above you are expected to draw on both the theory of competitive analysis - and how this impacts the decisions and strategies of individual firms.

Reference no: EM13733103


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