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1. Sandy transfers real property "to Heather for her life, then to Ira in fee simple." Which of the following best describes the result of the transfer?
a) Heather has a life estate and Ira has a reversion
b) Heather has a life estate and Ira has a remainder
c) Heather has a life estate and Sandy has a reversion
d) Heather has a life estate, then Ira has a life estate, then Sandy has a reversion

2. Olie leased a building in Old Town. Olie installed a washer and dryer unit and a new furnace in the basement of the building with new duct work throughout the building. Upon expiration of the lease, Olie intends to remove the washer and dryer, but not the furnace. The washer and dryer can easily be removed without harming anything. Removal of the furnace, however, will damage the building. Are the washer, dryer, and furnace fixtures?
a) the washer, dryer, and furnace are all fixtures
b) the furnace is a fixture, but the washer and dryer are not
c) the washer and dryer are fixtures, but the furnace is not
d) the furnace and the washer are fixture, but the dryer is not

3. Grandpa owns a farm. In a signed writing, Grandpa granted Susie Q the irrevocable right to use a road on his farm so that Susie Q could more easily reach her own property. What kind of interest in land did Grandpa grant to Susie Q?
a) Grant easement
b) easement by implication
c) reserved easement
d) easement by prescription

4. Adam decided to play a practical joke on Linda. As Linda was leaving the office one night, Adam, wearing a mask, stepped out from behind a bush and pointed a gun a Linda (made out of licorice) and demanded her purse. Adam even went so far as to hold the "gun" to Linda's head and tell her he was going to kill her. Adam thought all of this was hilarious and removed his mask.
a) Adam committed assault but not a battery.
b) Adam committed battery but not an assault.
c) Adam committed assault and a battery.
d) Adam committed nothing because it was all a joke.
5. Julia rents an apartment for 6 months from Dick. At the end of 6 months, she refuses to vacate the apartment even though Dick has requested that she do so. Julia's tenancy is:
a) tenancy at sufferance
b) tenancy at will
c) tenancy for years
d) periodic tenancy
6. A lease that ran for five years on June 1, 1996, would be a:
a) tenancy for years
b) periodic tenancy
c) tenancy at will
d) tenancy at sufferance
7. A title examination is preformed to:
a) determine if the seller has a specific title such as Lord or Lady
b) determine if the property has a title such as "South Spoon or South Fork"
c)) ensure that the seller of the property actually has valid title to the land
d) look at who has owned the house in the past one hundred years for historical interest
8. Which statements is correct about money damages?
a) courts will not speculate about damages
b) the plaintiff receives the amount of damages requested
c) courts will often only award damages actual expenses
d) courts generally award damages for lost profits
9. A court declared Sol mentally incompetant. Any contracts entered into by Sol would be:
a) valid.
b) void.
c) voidable.
d) void or voidable depending on state law that applies

10. If seller of a house fails to disclose to a buyer that the house was the location of a brutal murder, the buyer may be able to rescind the contract on the basis of:
a) fraud in the inducement
b) undue influence
c) illegality
d) fraud in execution

11. Which of the following constitutes legal consideration?
a) a promise to make a gift.
b) a promise based upon a change in duties.
c) a promise based on a moral obligation.
d) a promise based upon past consideration
12. Currently in ADA litigation, employers win:
a) rarely
b) about 10% of the time.
c) about 50% of the time.
d) about 90% of the time.
13. The Theresa Harris v. Forklift Systems, Inc. case held:
a) conduct need not affect an employee's psychological well being to constitute sexual harassment.
b) for there to be sexual harassment, the conduct must affect an employee's psychological well being
c) Title VII does not apply to sexual harassment cases.
d) Title VII does not apply to same sex harassment.
14. The Constitutional protections do not apply to:
a) act of the federal government
b) acts of state government
c) acts of administrative agencies
d) acts of privately owned business
15. The power to regulate international commerce can be best described as:
a) the federal government has exclusive power
b) the states and the federal government share concurrent power.
c) the states have exclusive power to regulate.
d) None of the above.

Reference no: EM13147745

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