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The pavement structure consists of 160 mm of hot-mix asphalt (HMA), 150 mm of granular base and 450 mm of subbase placed over silty clay subgrade. The pavement is 20 years old and its current PCI is 50. The pavement currently exhibits low to medium and localized high severity alligator cracking, low to medium severity rutting, low severity raveling and low severity block cracking. The anticipated traffic loading is 10,000,000 ESAL’s. The cost of construction is as follows: HMA $90/t of surface course and $70/t of binder course; granular base $18/t; subbase $12/t; tack coat $0.4/m2. Assume the following other costs, if you need them: CIR $14/m2; FDR with Foamed Asphalt $15/m2; crack rout and seal $2.5/m; and patching (mill 40 mm and patch 40 mm) $15/m2. If you consider a structural overlay, assume 40 mm of HMA surface course and 50 mm of binder course. Assume a discount rate of 4%.

Carry out life cycle cost analysis.

Reference no: EM13542313


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