The iso 9000 series of standards is generic in scope

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(a) The new Minister of Health wants to improve service delivery in the public hospitals and wants to implement ISO standards. What are the benefits of ISO Registration?

(b) The ISO 9000 series of standards is generic in scope. Briefly describe the three standards of the series

(c) The Ministry of Health has taken the decision to introduce a quality management system in the public health service delivery system. In this regard, there are a number of steps that are necessary to implement a quality management system. Briefly describe the steps involved

(d) The Ministry of Health introduced ISO certification for one of the public hospitals but had to withdraw from the certification. What are the pitfalls to successful implementation to quality management system?


There are many problem-solving tools that can be very effective for teams and in some cases for individuals. Application of these tools has proven useful in process improvement, cost reduction, policy deployment, and new-product development. Briefly explain the following problem solving tools-

(a) Why, why tool

(b) Forced-Field Analysis

(c) Nominal Group Technique

(d) Affinity diagram

(e) The Interrelationship Digraph

(f) Tree diagram

(g) Matrix diagram

(h) Process Decision Program Chart

(i) Pareto Diagram

(j) Cause-and-effect diagram


W. E. Deming is credited with providing the foundation of Japanese Quality and resurgence as an economic power. Deming is the best known quality expert in the world. His 14 points provide a theory for management to improve quality, productivity and competitive position. Deming's philosophy is given in his 14 points. Explain the 14 points of Deming's philosophy


(a) One way to deal with group problems is to talk about them as soon as they occur. Most problems require a structured approach. Explain the ten common people problems and their solutions in team work

(b) Team building is a difficult task. What are the common barriers to team progress?

Reference no: EM132558


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