The gdp of an economy can be measured in 3 ways

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The GDP of an economy can be measured in 3 ways. which are these ways?

Reference no: EM131033002


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  X be a variable contained in the interval

let f(x) = ( x^3/5000)(10 - x) and x be a variable contained in the interval [0,10] and f(x) = 0 for any other value of x. a. Prove that f(x) is probability density function. b. Find its cumulative distribution function. c. find p(1

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I am planning giving a patent for a new drug. The public demand is given through: P=120-10Q, where Q is quantity of the drug and P is price. If the marginal cost of production is given by MC = 2Q,

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Suppose you have just been appointed to the Federal Open Market Committee of the Federal Reserve. Your advisors report that the economy is growing slowly. Real GDP is at an annual growth rate of 0.01%. Unemployment is rising rapidly

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Determine the inflation rate for the next 12 months, base their calculations solely on the current inflation rate and is it a closed or open economy? What budget des the government run?

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Elucidate the difference among a monopoly and an oligopoly, the welfare effects of monopoly, cost advantages that create monopolies, government actions that create monopolies, and government actions that reduce market power.

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a competing firm are the only sellers of a new product. You are engaged in an intense battle for initial market share. You both realize that the one who captures most of the market share will be the one who spends the most on advertising and promo..

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