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1. Assume that U.S. and Argentine investors require a real return of 2 percent. If the U.S. nominal interest rate is 5 percent, and Argentina's nominral interest rate is 7 percent, then according to the IFE, the Argentine inflation rate is expected to be about ____ the U.S. inflation rate, and the Argentine peso is expected to ____.

a. 2 percentage points above; depreciate by about 2 percent

b. 3 percentage points below; appreciate by about 3 percent

c. 3 percentage points below; depreciate by about 3 percent

d. 3 percentage points above; depreciate by about 3 percent

e. 2 percentage points below; appreciate by about 2 percent

2. According to ___________, a country with a higher interest rate will have higher expected inflation.

a. purchasing power parity (PPP)

b. the international Fisher effect (IFE)

c. A and B

d. interest rate parity (IRP)

Reference no: EM132014490


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