Summarizes the history of technology used in finding partner

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Timeline of Technology and Relationship Forming

Create a timeline that shows four technological developments that have had an impact on the way that people seek out marriage or life partners. The timeline should cover the period between 1900 and the present.

Part 1: Use Microsoft Word Shapes or Smart Art to create the diagram for your timeline. If you are unfamiliar with these tools, please view the tutorial here.

In each segment of the timeline you should include:

1. the year the technology was invented

2. the name of the technology used

3. a citation to the source of this element on the timeline.

Part 2: Write an essay to describe how technology has historically been part of finding a mate.

  • In chronological order, fully describe each of the four events on your timeline in a separate paragraph.
  • Use citations in every paragraph to substantiate your ideas. For this Assignment, Wikipedia and other open internet sources are acceptable.
  • Include a conclusion that:

1. Summarizes the history of technology used in finding a partner as shown in your timeline.

2. Predicts the way technology will be used in the future for finding marriage and life partners.

The essay should be 300 words in length, plus a title and a reference page.

Reference no: EM131524629

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