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Your essay has sufficient information about the regulation in Australia. These will be good to support your argument and analysis. However, you do not engage or use them properly for your essay. Some paragraphs are lack of coherence. You must put references for every citations. You also need to check the unit or essay requirement regarding word limits. Your Referencing list format is not correct.

Requirement of the essay

The word count includes all in-text references and quotes but does not include the title or the reference list. Plus or minus 10% leeway is given for the word count, for example Essay 1 (800 words) must be between 720-880 words. Markers will ignore those parts of the essay that exceed the word limit, and essays which are under the word limit will be considered as not representing a completed assessment task.

Excessive use of quotes will be heavily penalised. Writing to a set word count is a requirement in almost every profession, and presenting an argument within the bounds of a word count demonstrates partial achieving of Learning Outcome 5.

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Reference no: EM13731867

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