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Consider the following relational database:

ENROLL (SID, CNo, Date )
COURSE (CNo, CTitle, Credits)
REQUIRE (CNo, Prerequisite)

On the basis of this relational database; provide an expression in the relational algebra in order to express each of following queries:

a) Determine the names of all students who have GPA greater than 3.

b) Determine ID of all the students who did not enroll in course IT222.

c) Determine name of all the students who enroll in both IT222 and IT221 courses.

d) Determine names and GPAs of all the students who enrolled in Course IT222.

e) State the students ID, name, GPA, and course Number such that all students have GPA greater than 3.5 and enrolled in the course in Jan 1, 2011.

f) State all the students’ names along with the title of courses they registered in.

g) Specify the details of all students and their course enrolment; along with the courses prerequisites if they have one.

h) Determine details of all the students who enrolled in all courses.

Reference no: EM1318175


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