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A step-down transformer has primary turns Np = 100; secondary turns Ns = 10; primary winding resistanceRp = 100 ?;

secondary winding resistance Rs = 2 ?.

Consider that there is no leakage inductance and that the magnetizing inductance is very, very large. (This essentially means that the transformer is ideal, with the exception of winding resistances).

The transformer is driven on the primary side with 120V, 60 Hz.

(a) What is the unloaded output voltage at the transformer secondary?

(b) What is the output voltage across the load when the transformer is loaded with RL = 10 Ohms?

(c) When loaded, what is the transformer primary (Ip) and secondary (Is) current?

(d) Simulate the loaded condition of part (b) with PSIM and verify your results.

Reference no: EM131305


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