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A 2-4 page paper that answers the following questions:

State what the defendant is being charged with (e.g., Felony Theft).

Describe juror characteristics you think would be significant to your defendant's case.

Describe two jurors you would select for the prosecution's case.

Explain how the same two jurors you described (that you would select for the prosecution's case) could impact the defense's case.

Describe other factors that would be important to know about these jurors to help determine their potential effect on the case.

Case :

Allison Carter is a 43-year-old, divorced Caucasian woman who was arrested on Aug. 3 and charged with Felony Theft. According to the police report, Allison entered a local jewelry store, asked to try on a three-carat diamond ring, and abruptly fled the store with the ring on her finger. Jewelry store employees described Allison's behavior as "erratic" and stated that she was pacing back and forth in the store and seemed "very energetic."

She spoke very quickly and seemed disheveled. Upon review of records, Allison was diagnosed at the age of 22 with Bipolar I Disorder. She was married for 4 years, but her husband filed for divorce because of her "moodiness." He stated that he always felt he was "walking on egg shells around her" and he "never knew what to expect."

They had two children together, but Allison lost custody because of reported child abuse and neglect against her children. At the time of the offense, she was unemployed. She worked previously as a bank teller, but was fired © 2012 Laureate Education, Inc. 2 due to her behavior.

She often called in sick because she couldn't get out of bed, and when she was at work, she would strike up lengthy conversations with customers which negatively affected her productivity. Allison admitted that during and after her marriage, she had periods where she would be awake for 3 days at a time, go to clubs, and have one-night stands with random men. She also exhausted all of her savings on extreme shopping sprees. At the time of the alleged offense, Allison had been awake for 42 hours straight.

Reference no: EM131524312

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