Some of the reasons for the effects found in these studies

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The following results come from two studies looking at the effect of package size on food intake. The experiments have a 2x2 factorial design with two Package Size conditions and two Consumer Type conditions. Consumer type conditions: - Restrained eater: consumers who exert effort for controlling their eating habits with the goal of losing weight (they “watch what they eat”); -Unrestrained eater: consumers with no concern about eating habits who are not currently attempting to lose weight. Package size condition: -Small package: consumers were given 4 packages with 50 calories worth of M&Ms each (for a total of 200 calories); this condition is labeled as Small Food/Small Package on the charts. -Large package: consumers were given 1 package with 200 calories worth of M&Ms; this condition is labeled Large Food/Large package on the chart. In Study 1, the dependent variable Calories consumed In Study 2, the dependent variable is the Percentage of participants eating the entire 200 calories p-values for the differences are shown on the charts.                                  

Describe the results of the studies.

In your opinion, what could be some of the reasons for the effects found in these studies?

Reference no: EM131368053


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