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Question: Hypothesis testing

Should the CBC hire celebrities for their movies?

To answer this question, run a hypothesis test to see if there is a significant difference between the ratings of movies with celebrities versus movies without celebrities. Use the data for CBC movies only and use a 95% confidence.

Explain your answer - do not simply say yes or no without referring to the relevant figures.

Regression CBC management has several questions: Which has more impact on a movie's rating, one that is fact based or that it has one celebrity?

How much does each of these factors change the ratings?

Do you expect a fact-based movie that does not have any celebrities to get better ratings than a fiction movie with one celebrity?

Run a multiple regression where the dependent variable is ratings and the independent variables are celebrity and fact.

Use data from all networks, not just CBC movies.

How well does this regression analysis explain the ratings? Justify your answers based on the results.

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Reference no: EM13290596


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