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Sha Case Study Analysis

Why would creating a business case for diversity be valuable to a company? What goes into creating a business case? Typically, a business case is used to provide the rationale of why a project is worth undertaking and why the time and investment is worth the cost. No matter what project you are advocating for, a business case has the following purposes:

  • It explains why the project should be undertaken.
  • It explains the economic value of the project.
  • It explains the framework for completion (Baxter, 2002).

By reading an organisation's business case for diversity, you can gain insight into its goals to build and maintain a diverse workforce. In this Shared Activity, you will analyse Tarmac's business case for diversity and examine its approaches to managing diversity.

To prepare for this Shared Activity:

  • Review Tarmac's Business Case for Diversity and the Learning Resources.
  • Think about Tarmac's approach to managing diversity and how it relates to organisationalbehaviour concepts and human resource processes.
  • Consider the benefits of diversity. Are there any costs that outweigh the benefits?
  • a critical analysis of the business case for diversity. Write a blog post from the perspective of a Tarmac manager and address the following points:

Identify any strong or weak points in Tarmac's approach to building and managing diversity.

Explain the issues that may impact the ability of Tarmac to build and manage a diverse workforce. Evaluate the business case for diversity: are the benefits of overcoming these issues greater than the costs and why?

Reflect on the aspects of diversity, social justice and ethics in Tarmac's approach and explain how they are related to organisationalbehaviour concepts and HRM processes. Provide specific examples.

  • R -to your peers' posts from the perspective of a Tarmac employee and explain how the organisation's approach to diversity might impact you.
  • Support your Shared Activity with current academic literature beyond your Learning Resources.

Reference no: EM134308


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