Relative risk of cardiovascular disease

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8. Which of the following summary (descriptive) statistics can one use to report variation in follow-up time in this study?

A. The median.

B. The mean.

C. The standard error.

D. The standard deviation.

E. The 95% confidence interval

9. The 95% confidence interval for the relative risk of cardiovascular disease in the hormone group was 1.09 - 1.36 (hormone group relative to the control group). Which of the following would have happened to the 95% confidence interval if the number of participants had been larger?

A. The 95% confidence interval would have been narrower.

B. The 95% confidence interval would have been wider.

C. The 95% confidence interval would have remained (approximately) the same.

D. Hard to predict.

E. The 95% CI would have become a 190% confidence interval.

10. Which of the following will be the best action following the findings from this trial?

A. Recommend discontinuation of prescribing hormone supplementation to postmenopausal women.

B. Recommend higher doses of hormone supplementation to overcome adverse effects.

C. Recommend hormone supplements to postmenopausal women

D. Recommend placebo treatment to postmenopausal women

E. No action. The trial is biased as it did not only include postmenopausal Women

25- The slope of the linear regression line between an explanatory variable, x, and a dependent variable, y, is:

A. The value of y when x = 0

B. The value of the mean of y when x = 0

C. The change in y for a one unit change in x

D. The change in the mean of y for one unit change in x

E. The change in y for one unit change in the mean of x

Reference no: EM1387770


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