Question1 write code for following-a compare s2 to s1b

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1. Write code for following-

a. Compare s2 to s1
b. Select the fifth in s2
c. Converts s1 to a new String Tokenizer object token

2. Write down appropriate code for following-

a. generate an abstract class Furniture
b. Declare an abstract process Discount the returns no value but accepts the cost of item
c. generate an array of Furniture items, frunArr, that holds 5 elements
d. Declare Chairs as a subclass of Furniture
e. Write constructor for Chairs which invokes the super class constructor that understands two string parameters

3. Give simple code to make an ObjectInputStream object attached to the file info.dat

4. Give basic structure of an Exception handler that includes a finally block


Reference no: EM13348288

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