Process of requirements elicitation and validation

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1. Give reasons why the process of requirements elicitation and validation is an iterative one?

2. What roles does the requirement documentation play in the process of requirements elicitation and validation?

3. Explain the differences between scenarios and use cases? What would be the relationship between scenarios and use cases in a requirements document?

4. Assuming that you are going to create a tool to automate the job of an employee, and you are scheduled to interview her. Would it be useful to prepare a set questions? If not, why not? If so, why?, and would you stick to those questions during the interview?

5. Write down the key differences between requirement goals and requirement specifications. (marking scheme)

6. Develop each of the following requirement goals into a set of requirement specifications. These goals do not provide all of the necessary information, so it is up to you to make any assumptions that you need to make in order to do this:-

a. "The tab tool can take a plain text document, and convert tabs to spaces, spaces to tabs or change the tab size."

(In order to gain full marks here, you will have to identify everything that is not properly explained and define/explain it. Make your explanations in point form, with each point numbered. You will need to be creative.)

b. "The tab tool will be easy to use."

c. "The website will support multiple browsers.

d. "The website will support multiple users."

Reference no: EM13188993


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