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Draw a UML class diagram that models the aspects of a real estate agents business that are described below.

• The agency handles the sale and rental of properties on behalf the owners of the properties. A property can be owned by one or more people or by a company.

• An employee, known as the ``agent'', supervises the sale of a property. There can be more than one agents involved with a sale.

• At the time of sale, details of the sale contract such as price, deposit paid and settlement date are recorded.

• There is a rental agreement established for each rental, which records information such as the length of the rental, and payment method.

• Each rental property has an associated rental agent. A rental agent will supervise the rental. The rental agent will arrange and record any property maintenance required (such as calling a plumber to fix a problem with the hot water system). The rental agent will perform regular inspections of the property and make an inspection report.
Your model must show

• named classes

• named associations and association multiplicity

• example attributes of classes (at least 3 attributes, but as many as possible)

Reference no: EM13188995


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