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Let S = {5, 6, 15} be a sample space associated with an experiment.

(a) List all events of this experiment.

{-5}, {6}, {15}, {5, 6}, {5, 15}, {6, 15}

- Ø, {5, 6}, {5, 15}, {6, 15}, {5, 6, 15}

{5}, {6}, {15}, {5, 6}, {5, 15}, {6, 15}, {5, 6, 15}

Ø, {5}, {6}, {15}, {5, 6}, {5, 15}, {6, 15},

{5, 6, 15} {5, 6}, {5, 15}, {6, 15}, {5, 6, 15}

Ø, {5}, {6}, {15}, {5, 6}, {5, 15}, {6, 15}

(b) How many subsets of S contain the number 15?

(c) How many subsets of S contain either the number 6 or the number 15?

Reference no: EM1315692


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