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The Ward Management subsystem of the Hospital Management System is required for assigning wards to patients who are admitted to the hospital, and also for scheduling the duties of doctors, nurses, and laboratory technicians in the wards. The subsystem is also required for interaction with the Procurement department for procurement of ward supplies. Ward management is the responsibility of the General Administration department of the hospital.

Duty Schedule for Doctors and Nurses

Scheduling the duties of nurses and doctors in the wards is one of the primary tasks of the Ward Management module. The duty schedule is prepared a week in advance for all doctors and nurses.

The doctors and nurses work 5 days a week. Some of the doctors and nurses have their workweek from Monday to Friday, while some others from Tuesday to Saturday, and so on. The workweeks for doctors and workweek for nurses change every month. For instance, if a doctor is on a Monday-Friday workweek in January, he will have Tuesday-Saturday workweek in February, and so on. The hospital ensures that doctors and nurses are available round the clock, all days of the year.

The duty schedule takes care of the surgeries to be performed by a doctor during a week. Emergency surgeries are usually attended to on a priority basis. An attending doctor from a ward can be assigned to perform an emergency surgery. To organize emergencies, the general administration department always schedules a few extra doctors for duty. These doctors replace the attending doctors in the ward during the period of surgery.

To active smooth management of wards and the surgeries, communication between the health care department and the Operation Theatre Facilities department must be proper and timely.

Data Required for Duty Schedule

To schedule the duties of doctors and nurses, the system needs the following details:

==> Employee identification number

==> Workweeks for doctors and nurses

==> Whether a nurse is a regular nurse, a supervising nurse, or a specialist nurse

==> Whether a doctor is a resident doctor or a visiting doctor

==> List of wards in the hospital

==> Number of doctors and nurses required for a ward

==> List of surgeries scheduled for the week

==> Names of doctors performing surgeries

==> Leave details of doctors and nurses

==> The duty schedule is prepared using the roster available with the General Administration department, giving the workweeks for doctors and nurses.

Duty Schedule Preparation:

==> The preparation of the duty schedule for doctors and nurses is outlined below. The duty is scheduled for one ward at a time. The schedule is prepared for each doctor and nurse in turn. The first schedule is for doctors and nurses having a Monday-Friday workweek, and then for doctors and nurses having a Tuesday-Saturday workweek, and so on.

==> Inputs

==> Department number

==> Ward number

==> Number of doctors and nurses required for the ward

==> Process: The duty scheduling process is described for a doctor here. The same process is followed while doing the scheduling a nurse.

Step 1: From the roll of doctors attached with the department, a list of doctors with the specialty needed for a given ward is generated.

Step 2: For every doctor in the list:

==> Check if the doctor is on a Monday-Friday workweek schedule

==> Assign the doctor to the ward as the attending doctor from Monday to Friday

==> Check if the doctor is on leave on any of the five days of the week

==> Assign a doctor from the other doctors pool for the day the assigned doctor is on leave

==> Check if the assigned doctor is scheduled to perform any surgery during the week

==> Assign a doctor from the other doctors pool for the period of surgery

Step 2 is repeated to cover the duty schedules for Tuesday-Saturday, Wednesday-Sunday, and other such workweek blocks. At the end of duty scheduling, a weekly ward timetable is generated for the ward.

When there is an alert for an emergency surgery:

==>  Relieve the doctor required for the surgery for the duration of the surgery

==>  Inform the Operation Theatre Facilities department about the doctor assigned to perform the surgery

==>  Update the ward timetable with the data about the attending doctor assigned to the surgery

==>  Assign a doctor to the ward from the other doctors pool for the duration of the surgery

==>  Relieve the doctor, assigned from the other doctors pool, from the ward on completion of the surgery

==>  Update the ward timetable with data about attending doctor returning to the ward after the surgery


The module Duty Schedule of Doctors and Nurses in Wards generates the following reports:

==> Weekly schedule of doctors and nurses in each ward

==> Daily schedule of doctors and nurses in each ward

==> List of emergency surgeries attended to

==> List of doctors from the other doctors pool utilized during a week

Task description

It is desired to prepare a Use Case Diagram based on the given problem description. In this particular task, the objective is to draw the actors and their relationships, if any, in the diagram. Only a few use cases are provided to be included in this partial use case diagram. You are needed to focus on drawing actors and relationships amongst them, if any, as well as the partial use cases and their relationship with actors.

Reference no: EM131996


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