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The plan is that students should include components of concepts learned from each of the prior labs into their oral presentation.

1. Select one of the species

2. Show which group members will research and present which aspect of the ecology, species behavior, and evolution.

3. Presentations should include the subsequent information.

a. Life history traits of the organism (territory size, reproductive strategy, habitat type, range, is it a year round resident, etc.)

b. The species evolutionary relationship to other species (which other species are the closest relatives and which larger groups such as family and order does the species belong to). Indicate a phylogeny!!

c. Ecological relationship to other species (what it eats, what eats it, which species does it compete with, do any diseases keep the population in control, etc.).

d. What are some potential research questions that would be interesting to ask of the species prepare a hypothesis and an experiment to test your hypothesis. The research questions would be about the ecology, life history, conservation or evolution of the species or.

Reference no: EM135078


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