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Part 1

Uses Porters Diamond analysis and each factors choose 2 sub factors. sub factors Format must all be:

- Collect DATA (not information e.g % of population,if infrastructure how big is the seacost in KM or hector ,education graduated % etc) 1-3 paragraph max with referencing n citation.

- (Analyze) Based on the collected data, do own analysis and own knowledge on business to find out how does each sub factors effect the business there and identify does it became a thread or opportunity? --- this is the main part for scoring and doesnt need any reference citation.

- If is Thread, what are that, if oppurtunity, what are the opportunity that will effect or benefits the business. (doesnt need any reference citation)

Example on Factors Condition 1 of the sub factors :

Factor Conditions

Marine Resources

Tanzania has marine resources of 800km of coastline rich in varieties of see fish and many rivers that are highly suitable for fishing, they are Rufiji, Kagera, Ruvu, Pangani and Ruvuma. The annual fish quota from its fresh waters resources is 730,000 metric tons(Tanzania Investment Centre, n.d.). In Snapshot (2007, p. 23), it was claimed that Tanzania controls 55% of Lake Victoria, world largest fresh water lake.

This is a very important resources for food processing industry such as fish and other seafood processing canned food and packaging. A huge local supply of fishes and other seafood means that cost and lead time of supply are lower compare to importing from other neighboring countries and companies can develop a efficient supply chain management as there is no language or culture barriers as local employees with local supplier. Having fish resources from the local waters also means that companies can produce products that can cater to local taste and preference for both domestic and export to African countries. Considering the mentioned favorable conditions, this represent a good FDI opportunity for foreign firms.

As for 4. Related & Supporting Industries

- collect data on brazils SMEs, level of technology and using the same format from above.


Part 2

Just explain two key management issues shown at attached that must be taken into account before opening operations in Brazil food industries. Must be related to PART 1 IMPORTANT.

Part 3 Market entry mode

Based on part 1 and 2, suggest a possible market entry mode to Brazil food industries with part 1 and 2 evidence and supporting data.

Reference no: EM13997


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