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Organizational theory explained in this answer

Review an article from one of the journals listed below* that relates to a topic of interest in organizational theory.The article should not be more than five years old. Select an article that has sufficient content that you can write a review of two pages in length List of journals:

Academy of Management Review
Administrative Science Quarterly
Business and Society in Review
Business Finance
Decision Sciences
Financial Management
Forbes Magazine
Harvard Business Review
Healthcare Financial Management
Industrial and Labor Relations Review
Journal of Accountancy
Journal of Applied Economics and Policy
Journal of Applied Psychology
Journal of Business Ethics
Journal of Finance
Journal of Financial Statement Analysis
Journal of Management Studies
Personnel Today
Public Administration Quarterly

The article in the following manner and adhere to the APA guidelines:
A brief introduction of the article.
A statement of the problem.
A description of procedures.
Flaws in the procedural design.
Analysis of the data.
Limited and justifiable conclusions.

This is not an assignment to be turned in. it will only be used to compare work that's done my the Soldiers I tutor. I have a BA from LSU and a MBA from Tulane University. I'm a Colonel in the US Army, that tutors young Soldiers and Airmen and women. This is the same assignment i gave them and i will only use this to compare with mine to only give them another point of view. I recommend the if this is something you don't want to do, please by all means don't.

Reference no: EM1354748


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