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Q1 It's a real situation I would like to hear your approach for this.

"You are a project manager (the leader on site) off site with no human resources on site. There are eight people on site with you, seven males and one female. There is one shared bathroom in the facility. You use the bathroom as well as see a hand written note which you nor human resources posted that says, "We are adults here please retain this bathroom clean also close the toilet lid after use." You pull the note down what do you do next?"

Q2 Organizational Politics please respond to the following-

>>> From the self-assessment define what the assessment suggests about your own attitudes. Define whether or not this could lead to actions that might be viewed unfavourable by co-workers.

>>> From the e-Activity study the company you investigated and your results from the self-assessment. Propose ways to confirm that you use your power appropriately and effectively.

Reference no: EM136023


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