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Throughout this course, you will develop a series of written papers / projects that you will later combine into a complete business plan for a Non-Alcoholic Beverage company. For this exercise, you must first review the "NAB Company Portfolio". The mentioned portfolio contains the company parameters and details you must follow when developing your company.

Provide the following information to set the foundation for your non-alcoholic beverage (NAB) business plan.

Create your NAB company name and explain its significance.

Develop your company's Mission Statement and provide a rationale for its components.

Hints: Use the Statement of Mission template on pp. 72-73 on the course textbook: Successful Business Plan to aid your development.
Extracting appropriate information from the NAB company portfolio, where applicable. You should fill in other required items in the template using your personal preferences. Note: You will need to recreate the template. You may attach your completed template to your response as an attachment.

Cite the resources you have used to complete the exercise. Note: There is no minimum requirement for the number of resources used in the exercise.

Provide constructive feedback to at least one (1) classmate's post. Assess the credibility of the student's rationales

Reference no: EM13723954



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