Negotiation scenario of us airline and american west merge

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Part 1 (Group): We are Re-enact a historical negotiation scenario through role play and imagined dialogue of (the US Airline and American West merge)

1. ( in part 1.. I play the CEO of American West of this change of the American Airlines merge with American West is there any information or views you can help or give me that is a good scenario as the CEO of US airlines)

Can you help me conduct some background research on the CEO's motives and interests in the negotiation. Could you tell me about the CEO's feelings, motives, and interests, and present them to me so I can study it. What questions would you ask of your opponent. Hide information from your opponent if the party did so in real life. Propose and respond to settlements. Perhaps the party isn't even aware of his or her interests, in which case you can present this lack of awareness by being vague in your dialogue.

Example dialogue:

BASEBALL PLAYERS' UNION: The players have decided to strike because they aren't happy with their contracts.

STADIUM FOOD VENDORS: A strike might force the cancellation of the entire season! This could ruin my business!

FANS: You already earn extremely large salaries. What more could you want?

BASEBALL PLAYERS' UNION: Our terms are as follows: [terms X, Y, and Z]

TEAM OWNERS: Couldn't we finish this season and just keep negotiating?

BASEBALL COMMISSIONER: I propose the following: [settlement proposal X]

and so on.

Using your imagination and being spontaneous how would you view this as the CEO of American West

Part 2: Analyze the negotiation scenario of the US Airline and American West Merge

This is the second part I need help with as well. Can you help me answer these questions. Need as much information on this

1. What were each party's set of interest in this?
2. Were the parties aware of their interest?
3. tell me about the Negotiator Overconfidence

Reference no: EM1334723

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