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Question: Match (by letter) the following terms with their definitions. Each letter is used only once.


1. Cumulative.

2. Retained earnings.

3. Outstanding stock.

4. Limited liability.

5. Treasury stock.

6. Issued stock.

7. Angel investors.

8. Paid-in capital.

9. Authorized stock.

10. Redeemable.


a. The amount invested by stockholders.

b. Shares available to sell.

c. Shares can be returned to the corporation at a predetermined price.

d. The earnings not paid out in dividends.

e. Shares actually sold.

f. Shares receive priority for future dividends, if dividends are not paid in a given year.

g. Shares held by investors.

h. Shareholders can lose no more than the amount they invested in the company.

i. Wealthy individuals in the business community willing to risk investment funds on a promising business venture.

j. The corporation's own stock that it reacquired.

Reference no: EM131522078


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