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Q1: Suppose the scenario of Library Management System. In it there are :

a. Book No.
b. Name of the book.
c. Name of Author.
d. Shelf No.
e. Number of copies available.

You have to prepare a module which can exhibit the following actions :

i. Issuing and returning of books

ii. Getting the whole history of particular Book whose details are asked by the user.

Q2: Using classes and member functions prepare a code which will be best suited for the scenario above:

You have to perform the subsequent tasks:

i. Arrange the list of books according to alphabetical order of their names.

ii. Arrange the list of books according to ascending order of their book numbers.

Q3: Prepare an enum known as Hue containing red, blue, and yellow. Now create a class called Color containing a data member of type Hue and a constructor that sets the Hue from its argument. Add access functions to "get" and "set" the Hue.

Make all of the functions inlines.

Part B

Q4: a. Differentiate between non- static member function AND static member functions. How are static variables used to maintain values common to the entire class?

b. How concept of abstraction is implemented in C++? Is there any illustration of the same in C ? If yes what is the difference?

Q5: Can we use the similar function name for a member function of a class and another outside function in the same program file? If yes, how are they distinguished? If no, why not ?

Q6: "It is common that ambiguities occur whenever we use hybrid inheritance". Justify the above statement. Explain how this problem can be resolved with appropriate example.

Reference no: EM131575


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