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What do you think was the most important topic, or what was the most personal to you this week? How have you applied this knowledge in the past, or how do you think you will apply it in the future. Answer in a few sentences.

Have they changed your mind? Do you think what they have identified is more or less important now that you've read their post?

Reference no: EM131524481


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  Manipulate the dom on a web page.

In your own words, give a practical example of why you might want to traverse or manipulate the DOM on a Web page. What task would you want accomplish?

  Microprocessors dominated the desktop computer market

Why do you think Intel microprocessors dominated the desktop computer market? Are they dominant in the mobile devices market? Explain your answer. (Use bullet points).

  Creating a database in sql for recreation

Members of a small town in Tennessee are tired of having nothing to do on the weekend.  They want to start a local club where people can pay a monthly fee to be a member and participate in various activities.

  What is the correlation coefficient

Assuming a direct relationship between the variables, what is the correlation coefficient?

  Head-of-line priority system

1. Consider the head-of-line priority system. Explain the impact on the delay and loss performance of the low-priority traffic under the following conditions:

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Explain the importance of lubrication for a pump, compressor, or turbine.

  Company risk management to the cio

You have been hired as a consultant and asked to provide a presentation on the company's risk management to the CIO. Create a 5- to 7-slide narrated presentation on the following information:

  Complaints regarding information security regulations

One of the major complaints regarding information security regulations is that they place an unfair burden on organizations as they are costly unfunded mandates. Do you think that it is fair for governments to require private organizations to comp..

  Property values has averaged per year

The Feldmans bought their first house for Over the years they moved three times into bigger and bigger houses. Now, 45 years later, they are ready to retire and want a smaller house like the first one they bought. If inflation in property values h..

  Components of the national preparedness system

Summarize the system components of the National Preparedness System (one paragraph per component should suffice)

  Is barry justified in his criticism

Is Barry justified in his criticism? What is the purpose of insurance? Is Barry looking for insurance in this instance? What is he looking for?

  Design the logic for a program

Modify the program so that if a participant has more than one record, you output the name only once, but you also output a count of the total number of classes the participant has taken.

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