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Question 1) Denise had developed a code of ethics for her firm that had helped them resolve some difficult ethical dilemmas. Her firm is now going to expand into three foreign markets simultaneously by acquiring a foreign distributor. The foreign firm did not have a code of ethics on its own, and Denise should:

  1. create separate codes of ethics for each individual country.
  2. quietly abandon the U.S. firm's code of ethic since it has already been used, and to maintaining consistency with the foreign operation is extremely important.
  3. use the same code of ethics since it has served so well.
  4. recognize the differences that might exist in different countries and create an overarching code of ethics to guide the company's new international stature.
  5. adopt the code of ethics of the Global Marketing Ethical Society.

Question 2) Marvin, owner of Marvin's Marine Service, used to work for the major boat company in town. When he started his own business, Marvin charged an hourly rate slightly less than the boat company. Marvin was using a __________ pricing strategy.

  1. cost-based
  2. value-based
  3. competitor-based
  4. product-based
  5. customer-based

Question 3) From charitable giving to medical records to Internet tracking, consumers are more anxious than ever about:

  1. preserving their fundamental right to privacy.
  2. the use of data mining by dating services.
  3. secondary data retrieval systems.
  4. the unstructured nature of market research.
  5. exploitation of resources by unscrupulous global marketers.

Question 4) Which of the following is LEAST likely to be a sustainable competitive advantage?

  1. patented technology.
  2. brand name.
  3. lo
  4. supply chain efficiency.
  5. customer satisfaction.

Question 5) The IMF and World Bank benefit global marketers through:

  1. raising the global standard of living.
  2. maintaining variable rate financing for manufacturers.
  3. acting as a forum for corporate trade negotiations.
  4. reviewing visionary mission statements.
  5. all of the above.

Reference no: EM139885

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