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Q1. Foreign workers make up roughly 90% of United Arab Emirates (UAE) population. If you compare UAE's GDP with its GNP, Illustrate which is likely to be larger and why?

Q2. Create a demand supply analysis based on the data collected on Ford's
price and sales, which demonstrates the relationship between price and quantity demanded?

Q3. Determine the equilibrium price and quantity and explain its meaning to Ford. Indicate how Ford's management should use this information to make sound strategic decisions.

Reference no: EM138261

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Trade some of those noodles to italy in exchange for wine : In which of the following cases should the United States produce more noodles than it wants for its own use and trade some of those noodles to Italy in exchange for wine.
Fiscal policy have a strong impact : On aggregate demand does fiscal policy have a strong impact. Explain the shift of the federal budget from deficit to surplus during the 1990s weaken aggregate demand.
Consumer at an optimum : What is the MRS Is this consumer at an optimum. If not at an optimum should the consumer buy more of the X good or more of the Y good.
Government receive as tax revenue : Explain how much does the customer pay. Explain how much does the government receive as tax revenue.
Information to make sound strategic decisions : Indicate how Ford's management should use this information to make sound strategic decisions.
Graph the simplified version : The problem is that even though you have assigned values of a,b,c, SN thinks that f is also a function of t, for which you have not assigned a value.
Risk of hedging with currency futures : How could ABC use currency futures to hedge its position and what is the risk of hedging with currency futures.
Monopolies and monopolistically competitive firms : How do prices, output, and profits differ between monopolies and monopolistically competitive firms.
Point that is feasible but inefficient : Show a point that is impossible for the economy to achieve. Show a point that is feasible but inefficient.


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