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Q. Define the values for following parameters:

Graph f and g as a function of d over the interval (0,10).

When you try to do this, you will discover an irritating feature of SN. For example, if you tell SN to graph f, you will get a message telling you "there are too many variables in this expression". The problem is that even though you have assigned values of a,b,c, SN thinks that f is also a function of t, for which you have not assigned a value. SN is not quite smart enough to figure out that t cancels from the expression for f. You can see this by telling SN to simplify f, to obtain
f= (2/(d+2))
which is a function only of d. Therefore, instead of telling SN to graph f, tell it to graph the simplified version of f (and g).

What do these graphs tell you?

Reference no: EM138260


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