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The CEO of your company has been extremely frustrated with what has been occurring within the organization lately. In a recent managers meeting he exclaimed, "Everyone around this place just follows the status quo. No one ever has any unique ideas on how we can make this organization better. You just sit here and wait for me to give you directions on what to do. Then you follow those directions word for word without asking any questions or making any improvements. We need to change this attitude and change it quickly". He then pointed out each of your group members and said, "You are in charge of fixing this and I want a strategy to fix this on my desk in one week!"

The CEO has created a group to analyze the possible causes and to identify recommendations to overcome what he sees as detrimental to the organizations success. YOU have been selected to be a member of this group.

You must do analysis, have discussions and come to a consensus to prepare a report (paper) that addresses the following:

Identify the decision theory or theories that your group believes best explains what is occurring within the organization (is the decision making behavior within the organization best explained by using groupthink, social comparison theory, conformity, group polarization, a combination of these concepts, or all of these concepts?).

What recommendations can you make regarding how people can avoid group or mob mentality (such as deindividuation or groupthink)?

Identify fully at least three recommendations your group can make to the CEO that can help him improve the current decision making conditions within the organization?

Reference no: EM1334164


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