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Imagine you are a newly-hired paralegal working for an attorney in a sole practice. Similar to the paralegal discussed in the eBook, your attorney relies on you to manage the "technology" of the office. Based on your Web research and what you learned from the textbook, create a technology hardware and software wish list for the new law firm and state why you recommend each item.
Include in your list the basic computer system design needed for the office. This should include any hardware needed to connect to the internet, hardware needed for each person at his/her station and basic hardware needed for common office tasks, like printing, copying, etc. In addition, include at least three types of hardware (Smartphone? Laptop?) and three types of software (E-mail? Word processing?) the firm should have. List your items in order of priority. Think about how you would convince the attorney to spend money on the technology you suggest. Be sure to comment on the lists posted by your classmates and be prepared to defend and justify your own list.

Reference no: EM13146538

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