Illustrate what kinds of policies are required to reduce

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Who are the poor and what are their economic characteristics? Do the poor benefit from growth? What kinds of policies are required to reduce the magnitude and extent of absolute poverty?


Reference no: EM1334499


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  Elucidate the price elasticity of demand

If the price set is the profit-maximizing price, elucidate the price elasticity of demand for calculators faced by the plant.

  Sectoral shock and adjustment in long run equilibrium

Illustrate the economy's adjustment to its long run equilibrium only, as the formerly dislocated (and now retrained) labour force is finding employment in new industries.

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What takes palce to output, the optimal scale of a firm, and price if there is a free entry into the market.

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Illustrate what are your preconceptions of economics. Do you think economics will be a relatively difficult course.

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Elucidate is the fiscal policy expansionary or contractionary.

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How would each of the following affect the firm's marginal, average, and average variable cost curves?

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Assume whether you believe the organization will expand or contract as well as address the price elasticity of demand and competitors.

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