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Following the seven steps in selling: Begin by listing the steps, then explain in your own words the meaning of each step. Create a scenario or example of how you would use all steps to complete a sale. This example would be an excellent way to prepare and train your employees to be effective and efficient in selling.

Question 1

7 Steps of Selling

List each Step


Definition of each step in your own words


Scenario as to how you would use each in a conversation with a travel agent and a customer. 7

Each step is These...n Steps is Selling

1. Identifying potential qualified customers.

2.  Develop rapport with the customer.

3. Find out what the customer needs.

4. Determine what product meets those needs.

5.  Present recommendations to the customer.

6.  Deal with objections to those recommendations.

7. Motivate the customer to action:close the sale.



Reference no: EM1399964


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