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Our firm is hiring a new marketing manager and you and one of the other senior managers has been interviewing candidates. A candidate just completed the interview process and you felt that she had the skills and background needed for the position. After expressing this to the other manager he replied that this person would not be a good fit and that you should continue to search for another person.

The candidate in question had the following skills, background and characteristics:

Hispanic Woman
Masters Degree in Marketing
Worked for a competitor for the past 20 years
Based on your review of this situation answer each of the following questions:

Identify the possible heuristics and/or biases that may have influenced your co-worker's opinion.

Are there ethical or legal implications from making a hiring decision based on his opinion?

What would your response be to your co-worker?

How would you convince him that this person is right for the job and should be hired?

Reference no: EM1334776

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