Identify the null and alternative hypotheses

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Practical Application Scenario 2 Your love of golf has brought you back to the range as the new product manager for UniDun's "Straight Flight" (SF) line of golf balls. The company's research and development group has been experimenting with dimple patterns that promote straight flight and have achieved some degree of success. You, however, are worried about the effect that the new pattern might have on driving distance. The Golf Ball Distance Test document in the Resources contains test results that compare the driving distances for the two different kinds of balls: 40 balls of the new SF type, and 40 of the old UniDun type. Your job is to determine if the old UniDun balls can be driven further than the new SF balls. To resolve this question, you need appropriate answers to the following four questions. Remember to use your MBA6018 – Data Analysis for Business Decisions textbook and any additional resources you may have located to help you answer each question:

•Identify the null and alternative hypotheses you should form for this test. State each as an explanation and as a math equation.

•Identify the appropriate statistical test to accept or reject the null hypothesis.

•Calculate the p-value.

•What should you tell the vice president of marketing about the golf balls product? Hint: You will need to use Excel to calculate the statistical parameters, the Mean, Variance, and Standard Deviation and the Analysis Toolpak or StatPlus: mac LE to calculate the statistical test that you have chosen and the p-value.

Reference no: EM13257353


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