Identify the mountain system of south-central europe

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I. Location, location, location...

1.-15. Identify the countries on the following map by their letter below.


A. _________
B. _________
C. _________
D. _________
E. _________
F. _________
G. _________
H. _________
I. __________
J. __________
K. __________
L. __________
M. __________
N. __________
O. __________

16. Looking at the map, name the country furthest west in the color yellow.

17. Looking at the map, name the country located in central Europe positioned between countries represented by the letters E and H, and in the color of purple.

18. Looking at the map, name the country that is furthest north in the color pink.

II. Waterways and mountain ranges

19. Which river is formed by a confluence of tributaries in Eastern Switzerland and flows north and northwest through Germany and the Netherlands to outlets in the North Sea?

20. Name the south central European river that flows from southwest Germany through Austria, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria to the Black Sea.

21. Name the only major European river flowing directly to the Mediterranean Sea which rises in the Swiss Alps, flows into Lake Geneva, then crosses into France.

22. What is the river that created part of the border between East and West Germany and is also famous for where Soviet and American troops met toward the end of WWII.?

23. Which river is the longest in France?

24. Which mountain range is located in East Europe, stretching across parts of Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Romania?

25. Identify the mountain system of south-central Europe that crosses northern Italy, southeast France, Switzerland, southern Germany, Austria, and into the northwest portion of the Balkan Peninsula.

Reference no: EM131523901


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