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Assignment : General Education Reflection Assignment

In this assignment, you will prepare a reflection essay related to an area in General Education. The General Education program consisted of the broad set of courses you completed prior to taking courses in your current program of study: for example, writing, social sciences, mathematics, natural sciences and humanities.

Our accreditor requires Argosy University to measure comprehension of General Education knowledge and skills in students near the point of graduation.

The input you provide via this assignment will help us measure the effectiveness of our General Education to achieve targeted learning outcomes and will contribute to our efforts to always ensure we have relevant content in our General Education program.

In order to complete this assignment, you will write a reflection paper based on your experiences related to the following General Education program learning outcome:

Multicultural Knowledge and Competence - Identify the cultural dimensions of human behavior at the individual and societal levels, and how their actions can be adjusted to impact local and global communities.

Reflection Paper

In a 1-page paper, address two out of the four items below. Include examples from your experiences, such as from past classes and assignments.

• Do you think that a working knowledge of the cultural dimensions of human behavior at the individual and societal levels can be beneficial in your chosen career path? Explain your position.

• In what courses do you feel you received an effective exposure to content that helped to raise your awareness of multicultural issues and diversity?

• In what ways do you think it is appropriate to incorporate learning outcomes that focus on multicultural knowledge and competence in the General Education curriculum?

• Based on your educational experience, describe how the program helped to prepare you to identify the cultural dimensions of human behavior at the individual and societal levels.

Reference no: EM132011912


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