Identify one company from your list of twenty

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Discussion One: Management & Careers.

1. List the functions of management

2. List three management skills and explain the importance of one

3. Browse the list of the top 150 companies of the Fortune 500

4. (a) Make a list of 20 companies from the Fortune 500 that you believe you can develop your career if given the opportunity to work for them based on your education, experience and skills.

(b) Explain why you will be the right fit and why you think you can have a successful career with these companies

Discussion Two: Internal and External Environments.

1. Identify one company from your list of twenty and explain why three (3) factors that give it a competitive advantage.

2. Identify elements of an organization culture.

3. List the elements of the macroenvironment (excluding technology) and explain one of them impact on the company.

Reference no: EM132014900


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