Human resourcemanagement and personnelmanagementis

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The difference between human resourcemanagement and personnelmanagementis


Reference no: EM131032897


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  Company cash and other investments

Financing receivable relate to sales in the normal course of business on a revolving credit arrangement. Financing receivables are non-interest bearing and are expected to be collected at a rate of $10,000 per month.Interest receivable is related to ..

  Question reichenbach co organized in 2013 has set up a one

question reichenbach co. organized in 2013 has set up a one account for all intangible assets. the subsequent summary

  Determine the annual pretax return

Determine the annual pretax return to Slimware if the firm can earn 9% on any funds released from employing the zero-balance system? Assume the company has 52 weekly pay periods each year.

  Budgeted income statementnbsp static and flexible

budgeted income statementnbsp static and flexible budgeted income statement variable costing variance

  How old is the present machine

A machine which cost 240 K$ to purchase, has depreciated linearly to 80K$. It has a remaining useful life of 4 years, and the disposal cost which stands at 8K$ presently, shall be reduced to 0$ at the end of this time. How old is the present machine?..

  Accounts receivable valued

4) Accounts receivable valued at $40,000 are sold for $38,000. How is the difference of $2,000 treated in the entry to record the sale?

  John wang is a junior partner and training manager at

john wang is a junior partner and training manager at miller dundas a medium sized firm of auditors. he oversees the

  Activity based cost analysis

Activity based cost analysis - Were your results the typical pattern for an activity-based costing analysis? Explain.

  What is the appropriate journal entry

What is appropriate journal entry if direct materials of $50,000 and indirect materials of $3000 are sent to the manufacturing plant floor?

  Cost of the land to be reported on the balance sheet

Fastball Delivery Company acquired an adjacent lot to construct a new warehouse, paying $41,000 and giving a short-term note for $319,000. Legal fees paid were $2,070, delinquent taxes assumed were $10,200, and fees paid to remove an old building fro..

  Intra-entity asset transactions no official fasb guidance

Consolidated Financial Statements – Intra-Entity Asset Transactions no official FASB guidance exists on the assignment of income effects on non-controlling interest in the consolidation process, when either the parent transfers a depreciable asset to..

  Fancy and plain

McGrath's produces and sells two types of t-shirts - Fancy and Plain

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