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You are required to provide a business case forthe e-commerce strategy you have adopted for your organization and reflect on your experiences and insight arising from the development of the accompanying e-commerce websitein terms of the following:

1. Describe the e-commerce website features and functionality that have been implemented in Task 2.

2. List any additional features incorporated in your website over and above the specified requirements

3. Provide a site map of your e-commerce website in the form of a tree diagram that shows hierarchical structure of your e-commerce website.

4. List any essential features not implemented in your e-commerce website and describe any major deviations from your original plans.

5. Describe the features that are likely to be implemented in your e-commerce website in the next phase of the development process to further enhance the usability and functionality of your e-commerce site, and how you would use the Joomla CMS to facilitate this

6. Briefly describe and reflect on the challenges encountered in using Joomla!as the development environment for your e-commerce website

7. Describe how you will address security and privacy issues in your e-commerce website

8. Describe how you will address backend integration and legacy system issues associated with your e-commerce website

9. List and briefly describe the hardware and software required to establish your e-commerce website as a live and fully functional entity, and provide a table of the estimated costs (hardware, software, human resources, ongoing maintenance, etc.)

10. Provide and justify a plan for a live implementation of your proposed e-commerce web site including a prioritised timeline in a table

11. Identify and describe the expected benefits that will arise from implementing your e-commerce website

12. List and briefly describe how you used any links and resources to research and build your e-commerce site for this assignment

Reference no: EM13229423


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