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Creating Vision And Credibility Through Effective Communication (Adapted From The Heart Of Change)

You were designated as the primary change agent with a team of twenty managers assigned to the communication team. Your team has been asked by the organization where you work to transition to a team-based environment. Your communication team will eventually present the plans for change to every employee. The initial goal is to plan the presentations and the channels that will be used to communicate this change initiative. Your team also wants to prepare answers for any questions regarding the change that may arise from the employees. Describe the communication plan your team would develop to introduce this change initiative including the style of presentation and the channels of communication. Explain why your team will be seen as credible. How will your team create faith in the change effort? How will they answer the really tough questions? Provide support for your conclusions. Some of the information you obtain in this exercise may be useful in section three of your final project.

Reference no: EM13873562

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