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Reference no: EM13333574

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  How an organization would allow programmatic access

A few years have passed, and the restaurant has grown to become a national restaurant chain. Now, they are concerned that remote and branch offices and restaurants in all fifty states will not have ready access to the data.

  Find the net external torque that acts on each wheel

Two wheels have the same mass and radius of 4.3 kg and 0.50 m, respectively. One has the shape of a hoop, Find the net external torque that acts on each wheel

  Determine what is the value of patricks stock

If the firm's required return is 12 percent, the market value of debt is $300,000, the market value of preferred stock is $70,000, and the company has 100,000 shares of stock outstanding.

  What is the speed of the sled

a sled of mass 1 kg has an initial speed of 1.00m/s across a horizontal surface. the force of friction between the sled and surface is 0.2N. What is the speed of the sled after it ha traveled a distance of 2.00m

  Determine is the ytc less than or more than the ytm

ABC has a twenty year bond that has just been issued with an 8% coupon rate. It pays interest semiannually and has a par value of $1000. It may be called in five years at a price of $1040.

  Find how long does the lighter skater take to reach the edge

Two ice skaters, with masses of 30.0kg and 65.0kg , are at the center of a 60.0m -diameter circular rink. If the heavier skater reaches the edge in 40.0s , how long does the lighter skater take to reach the edge

  Determine effect of the daycare program on consumption

Suppose government were to provide free daycare for children and assume this has no effect on the real wage w, taxes T, and dividend income π. Determine effect of the daycare program on consumption, leisure and hours worked by the consumer.

  What is the angle subtended by the moon

To estimate the size of the moon, a person holds a round pencil of diameter 0.70 cm. When the pencil is 77 cm in front of his eye, What is the angle subtended by the moon

  Analyze spanning tree creation

To assess the resiliency of typical network access switch block using Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP ) along with Spanning Tree Protocol and VLANs .

  Calculate the marginal propensity to consume after the chang

20 years ago the average savings rate was 20 percent of disposableincome. It is predicted that this would drop to 5 percent in lessthan five years


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Which of the following will not produce an outward shift of the production possibilities curve. reduction in unemployment rate.

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Write down any set of numbers. Calculate thier mean, and then the average deviation from the mean. c) Prov that, for every possible sample of n observations, the average deviation from the mean is exactly zero. Is this also true for deviations fro..

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Assume you are hired as a consultant by Barks Industries, a company in a monopolistically competitive industry. How would you advise the company in terms of pricing, output, resource usage, and advertising?

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Assume a certain firm in a competitive market is producing Q = 1,000 units of output. At Q = 1,000, the firm's marginal cost equals $15 and its average total cost equals $11. The firm sells its output for $12 per unit.

  How the economy productivity increases

Assume that total output is determined by the formula: number of workers × productivity = total output (output per worker) If an economy's productivity increases by 5 percent but the number of workers declines by 3 percent a year, how will the out..

  Concept of elasticity

Evaulate the price elasticity of demand for subway rides. The subway fare in your town has just been increased from the current level of 50 cents to $1.00 per ride.

  How much will the industry as a whole produce

Suppose that you are on the board of directors of a firm which is the dominant firm in the industry. That is, it lets all of the other firms, which are much smaller, sell all they want at the existing market price. In other words the smaller firms..

  What is the monopoly profit at price

Suppose the market discount rate is 20% instead of 5%. Should he now charge the limit price to deter entry or accept the entry? Assume his goal is maximize the PV of long-run profits.

  An appropriate indifference curve diagram.

Describe in words how a corner solution to the consumer's utility maximization problem differs from a conventional solution. Illustrate this description with an appropriate indifference curve diagram. (b) Thinking of your own consumption over the ..

  What type of unemployment is the quote referring to

What type of unemployment is the quote referring to? What may happen if workers become discouraged?

  What is the optimal level of production of wine

What is the optimal level of production of wine decanters and what is the marginal revenue from the last wine decanter sold and what are the total revenue, total cost, and net benefit (profit) from selling the optimal number of wine decanters?

  Analysis of production and costs

Will firms in industries, in which high levels of output are necessary for minimum efficient scale, tend to have substantial degrees of operating leverage? Please explain.

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