How the people usually try to cheat in the casino

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The first page:

- General history about the casino and the safety in the casino

- The first Casino in the world, Where, When?

The second page:

- How the casino protect the money?

- what is the different between the past and now in the safety?

- How many cameras in the Casino?

- talking about the biggest casino and how many cameras there

- How the security in the casino watching the players?

- How they catch the cheaters?

- What is the consequences for cheating?

- The most famous cheater in the casino's history, what was the consequence?

- How the people usually try to cheat in the Casino?

- What is the easiest machine you can cheat from?

- What is the best way to transfer the money to the banks from the casino or from banks to casinos?

- The main point in the casino is to take the player money, how?

- Give an examples ways to let the player play more and more?

- Why there are many government arguing about the Casinos?

- Is it something good or not? What about if we make it in all cities and towns?

- an examples for people became rich from the gambling and others in the gail or died

- Conclusion

omar khoj

We can talk about the casino all day, but I made some points that I want to talk about it, and I think these point is the most interesting in the casino. First I am going to talk about the history of casinos to know more before I go deeper. The history of anything is an important thing.

Second point is going to be about how they save our money or we can call it their money in the casino? Is the safety good enough in the casinos? I love talking about this point, and searching about how they save the money. Also one of my points is about the camera systems in the casinos. I heard from the professor the one of the casinos have more than 200,000 cameras witch is too much, so I asked myself why all of these cameras right there, then I decided to search about it too. Cheating could be everywhere, but in the casinos is different. We heard in the class a lot of cheating stories form the professor, and all the class was talking about the ways of cheating all the time. There are many points in my project will be under cheating. Such as the way of cheating, how to protect the casino from those people and their ways of cheating, what is the consequences of cheating. One of the main point going around my mind and I always think about it is why in some states they don't want casino and others support casinos and witch one the correct?

Reference no: EM131069407

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