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1.The allowable stress in a steel shaft with an outside diameter of 1.5in and an inside diameter of 1.1in is 12,000psi. What hp can the shaft deliver at 1750rpm?

2.Draw the influence line for the moment F in the girder. Determine the maximum positive live moment in the girder at F if a single concentrated live force of 8 kN moves across the top floor beams. Assume the supports for all members can only exert either upward or downward forced on the members.

3.Base course aggregate has a target dry density of 119.7 Ib/cu ft in place. It will be laid down and compacted in a rectangular street repair area of 2000 ft by 48 ft by 6 in. The aggregate in the stockpile contains 3.1 percent moisture. If the required compaction is 95% of the target, how many tons of aggregate will be needed?

Reference no: EM13543373


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