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A commuter airline flies planes that have 4 first class seats and 20 coach seats. Because many people that make reservations on their flights don't show up, the airline will take more reservations for a flight than it has seats. Suppose the airline has made 23 reservations for coach seats and 6 reservations for first class seats and that the airline does not assign seats when reservations are made.

a. How many different sets of exactly 20 of the 23 people with reservations for coach seats are possible? (do you use permutations or combinations?) b. How many different sets of more than 20 of the 23 people with coach reservations are possible and why would the airline be concerned about these sets? c. How many different sets that contain exactly the correct number of both first class passengers and coach passengers are there? d. The airline's biggest concern is that the total number of people that show up is greater than the total number of seats. How many different sets of passengers with reservations contain more than the number of seats available on the flight?

Reference no: EM13128736

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