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For your first assignment, you will compose a message that introduces you and your academic and career interests to the class. This assignment will also help you to take the first steps toward exploring career fields and academic majors, and developing an action plan for pursuing these fields.


To complete the Writing Skills Diagnostic, you must complete a one-two (1-2)-page (250-500 word) essay reflecting on the knowledge, skills, and experience that you bring to this course.

To achieve the objective for this assignment, you must complete the following requirements:
1. Compose in first person point of view
2. Include a statement that you have reviewed the syllabus and understand the information contained within the syllabus.
3. Answer the following questions:
1. What are two strengths and two weaknesses as a student you can identify before taking this course
2. What grade are you trying to earn? What efforts as a learner will you apply to earn that grade?
3. How do you plan to improve the skills you brought to this course?
4. Your diagnostic should discuss some insight into your learning style and/or process.
1. It should address the strengths and weaknesses you discovered in your learning style, and you should address how you can continue to strengthen your strengths and improve your weaknesses.

The diagnostic/reflection must be typed with:
• Double-spacing
• One-inch margins
• 12 pt. Times New Roman Font
• Header with your name, professor's name, class, and date

Reference no: EM132609342


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