Help in creating a prototype e-business venture

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Help in Creating a Prototype E-Business Venture

You may do independent research using any additional sources for this assignment. An excellent site that provides an e-business plan template can be found at WebPractices. You may use the template and incorporate as much of the material from this course as possible/practicable.

The results of this assignment are up to you. You will be graded on presentation, creativity, and application of course material

Reference no: EM1325582

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Concept regarding psychology : How does Kohlberg's theory of Moral Development inform our understanding of plagiarism, intentional versus unintentional, and moral development?
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Ethics of downsizing : When shareholders increase their wealth through downsizing, does this come, to some degree, at the expense of loyal employees those who have worked diligently to serve firm in terms of accomplishing its vision and mission?
Help in creating a prototype e-business venture : Help in Creating a Prototype E-Business Venture and You may do independent research using any additional sources for this assignment
Utilitarianism-deontological and virtue ethics : Utilitarianism: Ethics what is the definition?, ethical thinker associated with theory, decision making process and Workplace example
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